About Us

About Us

KIOSK Budapest is a metropolitan meeting point where you will find the perfect mood  adjusted for every time of the day.  Whether it's a business lunch or dinner with friends , you will always find what you are looking for. As an extra our own confectionery provides the restaurant with  homemade pastries and homemade ice cream. In our location, suitable for birthdays, corporate events or team building activities , you can meet your friends, your family , but you can come with a business partner, with your lover for coffee ,  for dinner , to talk,  to enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail, or simply to have just a good time.

The square

KIOSK-BUDAPEST-helytortenet-001The territory  between the Pesti Barnabas street and the Piarista street, that was venue of the former University Theatre, which includes buildings looking at the Danube, is actually the geometric center of Budapest, the starting point of Pest. You can find a part of the square - below the ground- showing ruins of Contra-Aquincu.  In the 19th century the neoclassicist building of the town hall tower was standign here,  in front of the market square - so it was definately the center of downtown Pest, no wonder that it operates even nowadays as the culinary centre of the city!
The Piarist centre was built between 1914-16 under Dezső Hültl architects plans, which hosts the gymnasium, with the monastery, the provancial directorate and the Kalazantinum theological institution. This was the time when the bridgehead area  got its present structure, Hild's city hall and the baroque-classical quarter was demolished . The Piarista Alley  was created for the public to drive through with their vehicles and the lowest level of the  building was designed to host elegant shops with high portals, this is what gives the essential facade  of today's Kiosk. This is an ideal urban location with the square being very spacious  however naturally protected, perfectly serving cultural and culinary missions and always a good venue for new encounters.
The view across the river is a unique experience! Sitting here or lying in a bean bag you can feel the modernity of the 21th century with the unlimited wireless access and still be surrounded by the historical scenery. The Kiosk terrace with the sunshades is very attractive for a lunch menu around noon and by afternoon the confectionery masterpieces tempt the guests. In the evening the restaurant develops into a sophisticated, modern  place to meet for a cocktail. The former downtown city center, in the heart of the city came to life again!


According to the restaurant owner, Hubert Hlatky- Schlichter and his team, the key to successful operation and a happy life is to stop  sometimes and give back from all the good we have received, without which they can not imagine their operation. Therefore, KIOSK has organized many charity events and is constantly involved in collecting donations.
In 2013 around Christmas the KIOSK team surprised their partners with a special gift. Instead of buying presents, they invited their business partners to join them  in a caritative work.  The  amount for the gifts to be spent was used to cook for 300  homeless people and the team served them a  two course hot meal in the building of Danko Street Night Harborage.
The goal of the team was to establish the best conditions for the homeless people so that they can enjoy their meals with the team's best knowledge and with their own resources.